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We learn about different assistive technologies and common software programs for students with learning differences and the concept of universal design with a visit to the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

Introduction - Watch
Show open. How are colleges of education preparing tomorrow's teachers to use technology? PT3 NOW! looks at the issues, ideas and strategies of schools of education around the country to retool their teacher preparation programs. PT3 NOW! goes inside colleges and universities and talks with faculty, students and administrators about how they are changing.

Capturing the Potential - Watch
We visit the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and see graduate students in the department of exceptional education demonstrate how features of common software programs such as Microsoft Word, Kidspiration and CoWriter can be used for students with learning differences. A faculty member discusses how curriculums can be redesigned with technology that incorporates the continuum of learning diversities.

Panel Discussion of Capturing the Potential - Watch
Our panel of experts discusses the inexpensive and accessible nature of existing tools that can be used by teachers and students to address learning differences in the classroom such as the Auto summarize and readability level features of Microsoft Word.

Universal Design - Watch
A faculty member from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee discusses the principle of universal design, that products should be designed to meet the needs of all individuals, characterized by the stages of advocacy, accommodation and accessibility. Technologies that make learning accessible to all students should be infused into the general education curriculum.

Panel Discussion of Universal Design - Watch
Our panel of experts discusses how instructional materials and curriculum can be designed so that the content fits the needs of all learners at all cognitive levels. They also discuss what the standards movement and uniform testing means for the concept of universal design.

Show Close - Watch
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