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We go to the University of Northern Iowa to hear about their digital library project featuring Pre-K-12 teachers who effectively integrate technology and learn about their Technology as Facilitator of Quality Education Model.

Introduction - Watch
How are colleges of education preparing tomorrow's teachers to use technology? PT3 NOW! looks at the issues, ideas and strategies of schools of education around the country to retool their teacher preparation programs. PT3 NOW! goes inside colleges and universities and talks with faculty, students and administrators about how they are changing. Introduces the show's focus on digital libraries on the Internet containing video case studies of Pre K-12 teachers integrating technology.

INTIME - Watch
A look at the University of Northern Iowa's digital library project -INTIME. INTIME provides video case studies of Pre-k-12 teachers in real classrooms who effectively integrate technology including Smartboards, Kid Pix and WebQuests. All of the case studies are based on and can be viewed by the Technology as Facilitator of Quality Education Model they've developed.

Panel Discussion of INTIME - Watch
Our panel of experts discusses the value of video case studies to methods teachers and in-service and pre-service teachers to show the complexity of the teaching process.

INTIME in Action - Watch
A Student Teacher Coordinator uses INTIME, a digital video library, during his Student Teaching Seminar class with the use of a Smartboard while students share laptops. Student teachers give us their opinions on this online resource.

Panel Discussion of INTIME in Action - Watch
Our panel of experts discusses other online teaching resources, the issue of staging and editing classroom video clips, video as authenticating a real classroom lesson and financial considerations.

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