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We visit two schools in Pennsylvania that serve children who are hearing impaired. At DePaul Institute the focus is on oral education. Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (WPSD) uses American Sign Language to communicate. Technology is used extensively at both schools.

Introduction - Watch
PT3 NOW! looks at how colleges of education are preparing tomorrow's teachers to use technology. We also visit K-12 schools where technology integration is changing traditional classroom activities.

Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf - Watch
At Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, the emphasis is on utilizing technology to enable a quality education for students with hearing loss. Watch educators as they use sophisticated technology, such as Smart Board, Notebook Program, and Network Assistant to engage their students in learning. Also, join a group of students as they apply advanced technology in their efforts to put together a newscast.

Panel Discussion of Western Pennsylvania School For the Deaf - Watch
Join our experts as they discuss the effectiveness of the technology used at Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf. They address issues of financing, fundraising, and potential benefits to placing Pre-Service teachers in this environment.

DePaul Institute - Watch
At DePaul Institute, the emphasis is on the use of technology to grow the oral development skills of students with hearing loss. With the aid of technology such as cochlear implants and hearing aids, educators use a variety of programs, such as Speech Viewer by IBM, to increase a studentís ability to hear, understand, and make sounds. Watch as students are taught to speak through the use of computer software that both entertains and educates.

Panel Discussion of DePaul Institute - Watch
Join our experts as they discuss the technology used at DePaul Institute. They discuss the challenge that education of hearing impaired children presents to early childhood educators.

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