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We visit Purdue University and the University of Washington to see their electronic portfolio systems for education majors. We explore the different uses for these student portfolios and the challenges of implementation

Introduction - Watch
Teaching NOW! looks at how colleges of education are preparing tomorrow's teachers to use technology. We also visit K-12 schools where technology integration is changing traditional classroom activities.

University of Washington - Watch
We visit the University of Washington to hear about how their graduate education program is making the change from paper to electronic portfolios. Education students show us artifacts in their e-portfolios including lesson plans, student work, digital pictures and student teaching reflections. These e-portfolios are intended to demonstrate teaching skills and strategies to future employers.

Panel Discussion of University of Washington - Watch
Our panel of experts discuss the multiple purposes of electronic portfolios including assessment, reflection, and in the case of the University of Washington, employment.

Purdue University - Watch
We go to Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, to see how they created their own electronic portfolio system that is geared toward assessment, reflection and alignment with teaching standards. Students build their portfolios throughout their four year undergraduate education program, and faculty offer ongoing assessments.

Panel Discussion of Purdue University - Watch
Our panel of experts discuss Purdue University’s electronic portfolio system as a mechanism to show preservice teacher growth over their four years in the program. They also highlight the involvement of education faculty in assessment throughout the portfolio process, the role of the portfolio system for NCATE accreditation, and the future potential of aligning portfolios with state licensure requirements.

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