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We visit Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, where they have developed a virtual chemistry lab. This software is changing the way chemistry is taught at the university and at a local high school.

Introduction - Watch
Teaching NOW! looks at how colleges of education are preparing tomorrow's teachers to use technology. We also visit K-12 schools where technology integration is changing traditional classroom activities.

Chemistry Goes Virtual - Watch
We visit Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and learn about how they developed the Virtual Chem Lab software. The open-ended nature of the simulation technology emphasizes student problem solving skills, creative thinking, and decision making strategies. We also go to Springville High School and find out how the software impacted different learning styles.

Panel Discussion of Chemistry Goes Virtual - Watch
Our panel of experts emphasize the strong conceptual model of the Virtual Chem Lab. The software is rooted in rich science content, and is designed to teach the thinking process to students. In fact, the software has raised scores by 30% in some of Brigham Young University's chemistry courses. The panel also discusses the possibility of future partnerships between textbook manufacturers and simulation software developers.

AP Chemistry Class - Watch
We visit Springville High School in Central Utah to see how the Virtual Chem Lab software is being integrated into an AP Chemistry course. The simulation is saving instructional and lab time, and is boosting student confidence and knowledge.

Panel Discussion of AP Chemistry Class - Watch
Our panel of experts reflect on the ways that simulation technology can be combined with effective teaching strategies to fit the needs of all learners. In the video, the chemistry teacher serves as a coach who supports student exploration of content, and in turn increases student involvement, motivation, and confidence by placing control of the learning process in the hands of the students.

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