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We travel to Vermont to see how assistive technologies can help struggling college students be academically successful in reading. We meet two students and find out how strategies used at Landmark are impacting their learning.

Introduction - Watch
Teaching NOW! looks at how colleges of education are preparing tomorrow's teachers to use technology. We also visit K-12 schools where technology integration is changing traditional classroom activities.

The Landmark Way - Watch
We examine what it means to have dyslexia as we explore the mission and philosophy of Landmark, a college devoted to students with learning disabilities. We see how Landmark is helping students develop their reading and writing skills and we look at the technology tools that are helping these students to be academically successful.

Panel Discussion of The Landmark Way - Watch
Our panel of experts discuss the 'hidden' nature of learning disabilities and the supportive environment that Landmark provides for its students. The panel talks about the philosophy of Landmark College, to serve as a transitional program that equips students with the skills needed to go on to a four year university program. The panel discusses the prevalence of reading difficulties among special needs students and how that relates to the emphasis on reading in higher education. The panel also addresses how assistive technology can help these students with their reading and writing.

Ben and Michael - Watch
We go back to Landmark and meet two students to see how the strategies used at Landmark are making a difference in their learning. Ben and Michael also discuss how it feels to have a learning difference and the supportive environment that they have found at Landmark. Then we visit a literature course to see what technology tools the students are using to help them succeed in reading and writing.

Panel Discussion of Ben and Michael - Watch
Our panel of experts discuss the importance of self advocacy for college age students with learning disabilities. The panel also emphasizes the need for more post-secondary institutions to define success as helping all students learn.

Show Close - Watch
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