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We learn about a partnership between Schaumburg School District #54 in Illinois and CAST, the Center for Applied Special Technology. They digitized their middle school social studies textbooks in order to make learning and content accessible to all students.

Introduction - Watch
Teaching NOW! looks at how colleges of education are preparing tomorrow's teachers to use technology. We also visit K-12 schools where technology integration is changing traditional classroom activities.

Making It Happen - Watch
We see how Schaumburg School District changed the way they deliver instruction and content to reach a technology literate generation of students and to meet the needs of struggling readers. They digitized their social studies text and began using the Kurzweil digital reader to increase reading scores.

Panel Discussion of Making It Happen - Watch
Our panel of experts discuss how this district leveled the playing field for all students through technology, and how they made their budgetary decisions based on student learning. The panel also explains some of the features of text readers, but they voice concerns about modifying textbook material.

Using to Learn - Watch
We go back to Eisenhower Junior High School to see how social studies teachers are using digital text, text readers, cooperative learning, and a myriad of other technology to increase the level of confidence and achievement of their struggling readers, as well as developing an understanding of core content.

Panel Discussion of Using To Learn - Watch
Our panel of experts reflect on the instructional strategies of the social studies teachers who were using different technologies to 'do' and experience history. The panel discusses the importance of analyzing different historical perspectives and using primary resource data.

Show Close - Watch
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