Television Series

PT3 Now! 110 - Watch in Windows Media Player
We explore how video is used in student assessment at Alverno College as we explore the videotaping and assessment of a student teacher.

Introduction - Watch
Show open. How are colleges of education preparing tomorrow's teachers to use technology? PT3 NOW! looks at the issues, ideas and strategies of schools of education around the country to retool their teacher preparation programs. PT3 NOW! goes inside colleges and universities and talks with faculty, students and administrators about how they are changing.

Taping Mrs. Oberle - Watch
We visit student teacher Mrs. Oberle as she is videotaped leading middle schoolers through a lesson on China. It also examines the roles of video and her cooperating teacher in the assessment of her teaching performance.

Panel Discussion of Taping Mrs. Oberle - Watch
Our panel of experts discusses how video is used repeatedly throughout Alverno’s program and how video is used in self-assessment and peer assessment.

Assessing Mrs. Oberle - Watch
We see faculty, peer and self-assessment of Mrs. Oberle’s student teaching video in a classroom seminar setting. Mrs. Oberle and her peers discuss time management issues faced during student teaching.

Panel Discussion of Assessing Mrs. Oberle - Watch
Our panel of experts discusses the reflective seminar’s use of self-assessment and peer assessment. They discuss using video for multiple purposes such as to monitor classroom management concerns, to demonstrate the student teacher’s growth in the classroom and for inclusion in a professional portfolio.

Show Close - Watch
Show Close and Credits.