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We discuss the expectation that our teachers will be able to teach children in very diverse classrooms where technology is just part of the learning as we visit a California Kindergarten class.

Introduction - Watch
How are colleges of education preparing tomorrow's teachers to use technology? PT3 NOW! looks at the issues, ideas and strategies of schools of education around the country to retool their teacher preparation programs. PT3 NOW! goes inside colleges and universities and talks with faculty,students and administrators about how they are changing. Introduces segment on kindergarten intern fluent in technology in multilingual classroom.

The New Realities of Teaching - Watch
See this first year teacher instructing her students to use Kid Pix on computers in a kindergarten class during a lesson that encompasses math, technology and English as a Second Language.

Panel Discussion of The New Realities of Teaching - Watch
Our panel of experts discusses the first year teacher's past internship program and master teacher partnership.

Understanding Your Mission - Watch
California State University, San Marcos provides a center for technology support for faculty and a partnership with local schools ensures technology proficient student teachers and in service teachers. Also, a district wide approach offers technology workshops for teachers.

Panel Discussion of Understanding Your Mission - Watch
Our panel of experts discusses assessment and evaluation.

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