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We explore how administrators became catalysts for change on their campuses using critical success factors necessary to implement a vision of reform.

Introduction - Watch
How are colleges of education preparing tomorrow's teachers to use technology? PT3 NOW! looks at the issues, ideas and strategies of schools of education around the country to retool their teacher preparation programs. PT3 NOW! goes inside colleges and universities and talks with faculty, students and administrators about how they are changing.

Catalyst for Change - Watch
Administrators at colleges of education share visions of reform aligned with technology and change.

Panel Discussion on Catalyst for Change - Watch
Our panel of experts discusses how today's teaching and learning is different because of technology, expansion of choice, new environments and the changing role of the teacher.

Critical Success Factors - Watch
Administrators discuss critical success factors for technology integration including leadership by modeling, opportunities for skill development, support for early adoptors, technology review in annual evaluation and infrastructure.

Panel Discussion on Critical Success Factors - Watch
Our panel of experts discusses the need for support, training, incentives, infrastructure and resources for technology integration.

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